100% Polyester Staple Fiber Black – White and Colored Yarn

They are produced by twisting certain fiber groups together. Before twisting, the yarn is combed. This process allows the existing short fibers to be separated and the remaining long fibers to be parallel to each other. Thus, the strength and smoothness of the yarn increases.


  • 40/2 Sewing Thread Yarn ( 120No)
  • 30/1 Sewing Thread Yarn
  • 20/1 Sewing Thread Yarn

The products of company are used to following sectors

  • Weaving Labels
  • Narrow Woven
  • Circular Knitting
  • Weaving Fabrics
  • Home Textile
  • Sewing Thread
  • Fancy Yarn
  • Socks

ATTENTION: Our yarns have high sweat, friction, washing and iron fastness and do not contain carcinogenic substances.

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